Kenya Orphan HouseI live to evoke and maximize latent potential for transformational impact in the world. I do this in a whole bunch of different ways. Below you’ll find what is described on my LinkedIn profile. 

I consult and coach small businesses and nonprofits to discover and maximize potential to increase profit, growth, and impact. This involves guiding individuals and teams through a creative process to discover untapped solutions, refining their “story,” leveraging new technological platforms, and executing best practices in new media to expand marketing efforts in a rapidly changing culture.

Basically, I get a kick out of seeing organizations and individuals meet their goals and potential.  I thrive when helping find creative solutions to complex problems and making a monumental difference in this world. I tend to be a catalyst and prod people continually to reach their goals. I love to advocate and champion ideas that change the world for others. Love to run….travel….and meet new people. Oh kids…yah I love kiddos and seeing them reach their full potential too.

Disclaimer: All the content on this site express my own personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of the organizations I work for or my clients.